Sunday, November 22, 2009

ICELT 2009,Malacca

It's a pleasure to attend an ICELT 2009 and it handled by UPM so I don't want to miss this chance...
And of course I met my formal lecturers and UPM's friends...
Proud,they were  attending s a presenter,
Hope soon I will following ur step too,InsyaAllah.
I'm so happy PLUS PLUS cause here i can meet English people(like reunion),
and furthermore,my family was following too..
In my opinion.if I'm not attending this conference,I'll don't know 'what is alacca is all about'
Cause my last visit was my Matriks time(2001-2002),then went Malacca Zoo y my family in law (celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfirti 2009).
Next time,I want to bring my family esp. my son again n my hubby(because you're not following ; 0 )
Last but not least,meeting my old friend(ex-roommate in KMR,UPM) makes me proud her as businesswoman selling cookies and chocolate near by Taming Sari,Dataran Pahlawan.'s like RUSH HOUR because the conference is on 091109 which is a day after my birth n my son's we can't celebrate n do a party on the dot time.So,next time,InsyaAllah ; )

Opening ceremony

 Dr Shameem and me (taught me subjects Syntax & Morphology, Critical Reading & Thinking),once in UPM

 New friends, Pearl (Sunway College,JB and Kak Liza,IKM Lumut)

me n Aslamiah, Miah,my coursemate in UPM time(am I look chubby?)

Us with Caronlydia Graham,Jazz 'person'

Yasotha,my friend,as a presenter,proud of you!

Zeehan,my x-roommate,1st year degree,UPM,at her shop

Cookies and products that Zee're selling

in front of Taming Sari,double decker bus ; )

the 'Menice' boat...

my lil hero baby at Taming Sari,so brave baby!

Thanks Mama,Acik and Fatin for birthday gifts!I like!

Thanks so much to my dearest parents,LOVE ya!