Monday, May 20, 2013

Krabi Part III

Alright, next post is about  - still, Krabi
Maybe  this time is more to snorkeling!
Well, honestly,  this is my  1st time experience of  snorkeling
Thank  you to my friends for  sharing your experience and it was amazing!

~ well,  this is my husband, he said 'xdpt nak snorkeling  dgn aman because of me', hahaha! ~

~  this is me and  my sister,  Madiha ~

~ well,   that photo  was me, believe it or  not? hehe ~

~ that  was my husband  with his peace sign, we were snorkeling together with the  other  people who  was  in the same  package ~

~ up; 2 photos there are what inside the sea,  is not finding Nemo but  see the Kekuasaan  Allah  swt...~

~ I would like to share with  you, guys the  beautiful photos, down  there Harie  with Melissa  which many people like the  photos when  I uploaded into Facebook as a cover  photo,   if I'm not  mistaken,  airnya sangat jernih dan pasir  pantainya, Ya Allah sangat halus, lembut dan  gebu...I never seen the sand  like that, even though in  Malaysia ~  

~ we at one of  the beaches, cannot remember the  name  of  the Island, but luckily, we visited 5 islands,  wehooo!!!memang  best :D ~

~  I would like to share; one of the photo which is so amazing, lihatlah perbezaan warna 2 laut  iaitu BIRU dan HIJAU...betapa Allah itu Maha Kaya...~ 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Krabi Part II

Hi, hello, let's continue our story about Krabi...
Here, I only  will uploading  photos which I feel 'so sweet' to share with  all of you, lovers!

~ After breakfast, we  snapped several photos before went to Island Hoping/Hopping..sorry  for the spelling error if  any :) ~ 

Up there are my  BIG  family n back there were the cars that we brought together, driving from Seremban - Perlis - Krabi  (Thailand)

~ this is  where my in laws lived, a very cute small house/rooms, got 2 sides actually ~

~ we were using one of these boats during the  Island Hopping  ~

~  look  at the beautiful scenery, betapa cantiknya  ciptaan Allah yang Maha Esa kan... ~

~ focus deeply to  the boat, there are many of PEOPLE and I assumed this photo is amazing too!~

~ activities on the boat,  Alhamdulillah Melissa behave  so NICELY but Danish  was  scared of the beaches/sea ~

~  Danish  was frightened of the water - seas, beaches  but he loved  to play with this - sand :D ~

~ while my sister, Madiha  helped a couple,  (I think they are from India and was  in a honeymoon mode) for taking  their photo ~

~ this is me, wrote; 'Mafe was here  - Krabi' ~

~ I don't know why  I always  and like to 'handle' or 'kokko' my  son  just like this ~ 

~ after the  Island Hopping activities, we were here, like expressing the beautiful scenery, ceewaahh! ~

~ Aryan  & Melissa with their lovely stroller ~

~ the money, 'bath' changing from RM ~

Hope this will make you enjoy as we enjoyed with the activities but I need  to put more photos such  as snorkeling and others!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Family Trip to Krabi 2013

Bila sebut Krabi  je, ramai  orang ingat Krabi is in India, termasuklah AKU..
Oh  my  God!Nampak  sangat  my Geography is not  good...
Apapun this is such a good idea from my sis in law..cadang nak jalan2 ke luar dari Malaysia but dunno where to go..
Disebabkan  Melissa tido still membuai, cradle,  so  it's  hard for us  nak  jalan2 and I planned to go to Thailand by driving a car as a good idea...
(Keputusan nak p Krabi  dibuat masa Melissa masuk ward di SALAM Hospital (Senawang Speacialist  Hospital),  Senawang, Negeri Sembilan) Boleh  x? Hehe
Because at the time semua org ada,  my  family and  in laws, so we planned n  discussed together

Here  some photos for you to share with  us:

~ This is at  the Imegresen, (urusan passport) and I used to wear baju hadiah birthday from my sister, Madiha ~

~  We were staying  here for 3 days and 2 nights ~

~ Danish was here  and I love this photo, pandai dia posing like her Mummy :P ~

~ This photo was taken when we were at the swimming pool of the resort  ~

~ This photo was taken before we want to check  out  from  the resort, then we  started our journey  to Hadyai  ~

*Will upload  more  photos and stories especially, let's sharing our interesting photos, stories together
Next, is about Island Hopping and  Hadyai!