Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our Kad Raya & Sampul Duit Raya 2012

Selamat Berpuasa to everyone :)
Due to Internet problem at my workplace at 'BUSYness' when at home,

I am unable to update any status...
So, now, mood raya is coming...

I will talking about kad raya first...
Alhamdulillah, my intention to have or do a kad raya with pictures of my family including my family in laws...
It was created by my practical student, Nabil...
I asked him to choose PINK when he asked me 'Madam nak colour ape utk kad raya ni?'
Of course, PINK because I love it and my family n family in law decide to choose ala ala PINK for our baju raya theme...
But, we have to choose RED because Danish loves RED as Ultraman colour la kot, haihh...

Here goes the cards:

 ~ thank you Nabil ~

~  it's quite cheap ~

~ susah nak cari gambar semua orang ada, this photo was taken masa my family in law sambut raya di Perlis, my Adik said my photo mcm BIBIK ok, haha...I pakai short masa tu dan dilindungi oleh Mama and Adik, hehe ~

~ gambar ni pulak ada the kids - Hakim, Haziq, Danish, Aryan and baby Melissa. This photo was taken masa celebrate birthday Ayah di TGI Friday, Alamanda, Putrajaya ~

~ This photo pulak masa raya, I was pregnant, Danish was inside, xperasan sangat kan? hehe...kalau xsilap ni kot gambar last raya di rumah Wang Besar, Bintong :'), the photo was taken at the studio in Kangar, Perlis~

~ From the bottom of my broken heart...a song by Britney Spears when I was in Form 5 at the time, so memorable...~

Last photo; sampul duit raya of 2012.
When I upload it in Facebook, majority said sampul duit raya Habib Jewels paling cantik...
Secantik emas dan berliannya kan...
Dan harga pun cantik..
So, this year the free sampul duit raya that we got are;
Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA)
Habib Jewels
(thank you for the sponsorship, fuhh ayat...)

Ok, I am happy that I have a time to tell about my kad and sampul duit raya for 2012,
Hope the best story from your side too!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

COACH lovers?

Are you one of the COACH lovers?
Recently, we do, eh I do...
One of my childhood friend, Wahida (she is an engineer of Petronas) is a reseller of Coach, so I am happy to buy the brand because I will got a discount!
Yeay, so let's shopping for it!

~ it's a design of Coach New Sutton Scarf Print Small Wrislet Rose Grey 47508, I gave it to my sister in law, Acik aka Farah as her birthday present on 20 July 2012 ~

(she tagged me and my husband on Facebook, so my friends saw it and one of my friends, kak Sandakiah said 'Saya nak jadi adik Mafe la,best selalu dapat hadiah...')
I was terkesima, I thought that was me, mewarisi sifat Emak, selau beri hadiah kepada orang...
Samapaikan my officemate cakap, 'rasanya org PERLIS mmg mcmtu kot, dulu kwn saya pun mcm tu..', said Wahida, my officemate :D

~ this is Coach 47330, it is for my mother as she loved orange colour so much ~

~ one of my aunt, Makteh aka aunty Noran also bought this from my friend when she saw we are Coach's 'users' ~

~ this is for my sister, Madiha, she likes purple, so she got the design just like this, Coach Kyra Floral Print, it is a ready stock and Madiha can't wait to get it ~

~ eh eh ni siapa punya?hehe..it's mine!as I love the 'natural' design, kak Zira said 'mcm kulit b.u.a.y.a je..' I said 'mcm kulit u.l.a.r pun ada...' kak Zira replied 's.a.w.a' apa..' haha...~
(it's Coach Madison Embossed Croc Medium Wrislet Mahogany 46630, it's quit big because I want to put my car key and iPhone)
sejak menjak ada 2nd car ni kan, bergaya sungguh, wekk :P

So, the function of wrislet is you can put the car key inside and your phone...

*If u r interested pls do PM me on my FB to get the best price, harga kawan kawan...
Be careful of FAKE because I had an experience I bought and I got the 'lembik' handbag...it's not original..
Once I bought the original,really satisfied, my friend said 'keras' the material, wangi..and one more is
I TRUST my friend 
So, worth it we buy even though the price is a bit expensive
I'm waiting to buy others and have to save money to buy for my mama in law n other sister in law, Fatin
: )
You want to be my Adik x?