Thursday, February 9, 2012

Red Velvet Cake & Oreo Cheese Cake

Before admitted to the hospital last Christmas, I had a chance to eat the favourite cakes;

i. Red Velvet Cake
ii. Oreo Cheese Cake

Actually the red velvet cake is a 1st try which my mom was very eager to do it, with my sis's help...
(dgn I mmg xberasap la dapur tu...)

My favourite is oreo cheese cake, erm yummy yummy...!

~ this is the Red Velvet Cake ~

~ this is my favourite, Oreo Cheese Cake ~

The conclusion is, my mom said the Red Velvet is uneasy to do...
I think maybe we have to be patient...
That's why some of the sellers or people who sell the cakes , put, give the expensive price, it regards to the cost and the 'hardness' when doing the cakes...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shananana Shalalala!

Hey baby!
It doesn't matter u r a BOY or a GIRL,
We will accept u as our child...
3 doctors said u were a GIRL, which at first actually 2 doctors said u were a GIRL and there is only 1 doctor mentioned u as a BOY, but happily, the 1 doctor who said u were a BOY said    'Saya tgk mcm pompuan pulak'...
I just can only SMILE :)
Whatever it is, we wish for a healthy one, not regret about Danish but Alhamdulillah Danish, ur brother is free from heart disease (jantung berlubang)...
We love u, our new baby and will waiting for you,
InsyaAllah at the right time
(Please not February cause there are many Februarians in our family which started with Aunty Diha, 0502, Atuk Desa 0802, Busu, 2502 and ... )

Dear Allah,
Please listen to our doa and always guide us,
Amin Ya Rabbal 'Alamin...