Monday, August 4, 2014

Mid Year Holiday - Legoland

As salam everyone...
Suddenly, I remember to tell a story about my son, Danish
He and his Daddy love Lego (bricks, etc connected to it) as well
So,  I planned with my husband to bring him to Legoland to full-fill  their dream (anak ke bapak?)  huhu :P

As you know, Legoland (at the time being) is not 100% completed (if  you  are going  few years ago)  and recent, the Star Wars is under construction  and will complete this  September.
So, we feel better to  go  now as we could play the water theme park  and the indoor  side.

But, before that, I would like to say TQVM  to my BFF,  Fara and her husband for treating us seafood and of course my husband  love  it especially the Mr Crab! Yummy  yummy yummy! But, sorry I don't  know where  is the  seafood's photo :'(

~ one of  my BFF,  Farrah Diana  ~

~ before leaving, we went to JPO for shopping  a bit ~

Okey, we spent a day before went to Legoland at the hotel and walk around the city...Tak ku sangka Adi Putra ku muncul in Singapore channel, kikiki :D and the drama is one of my favourite drama, with  Rita Rudaini (she is our senior) 

Next, is the story of Legoland, the day...from am to pm we were there,so, berbaloilah dengan tiket tu kan..hehe..luckily  we bought the ticket early...almost a week before...

~ I think this the wajib port to take photo, hehe, the entrace of Legoland (via my FB) ~

~ Danish & Melissa seem so happy  (restaurant) ~

~ The kids with Daddy at the waterpark  ~

~ The kids with  'montello' Mummy  :P ~

~ row row your boat with Daddy, it reminds me when I was kid, my Abah always bring me  to Tasik Melati to row row the boat together,  hehehe ~

Okey, dah xlarat nak upload too much photos  of Legoland...
I had snap the monument photos which  bring me memory such as KLCC, KL Tower etc...
It seems Harie  interested more  with all the monuments..

~  couldn't believe I was there once upon a time with  someone...~

Actually I already 'type' about Legoland before Syawal but I feel so lazy to tell story  until today...
Haha...lots  lots story to share with...
and I asked Danish either he wants to  go  again  to  Legoland or not?
He said YES sebab Star Wars akan siap  by this September!
Oh My!