Friday, April 29, 2011

Next station - KLCC

After had a 'revenge'shopping at Jalan TAR, I decided to go to KLCC.
It's because it just one way to go to Gombak...
Feels so happy I had a meeting n dating with my EX ,
my ex-students :))
(ada yg suspen x gitu?)

KLCC is a place where is my 1st date with someone,
I mean before we declared as a COUPLE
Well, that's a long time story to tell
(ada yg jealous?)
If YES, you're not professional, babes!

If went to KLCC, I will 'drop'myself to 4th floor to visit,
(Love to pronounce it!)

Masa belajar dating di sini,WAH!
Ulat buku or Ulat bulu?

~ my favourite : Double Cheeseburger ~

~ a place where is COMPULSORY to go ~

~ u can read with ur own style ~

~so do I, I just sit there with my shawl stuffs n waiting for my 'part time lovers', hehe ~

~bought this one for Danish, he loves Pakcik Bomba ~

~ these 2 r my part timer lovers, from Batu Kikir n another one is from Kuching ~

~on my way back to UIA, erkkk crowded! ~

~ I think this is the place where I was waiting for someone long time ago, but the shops all r not there, Vincci, Lovely Lace kot ? ~

~what kind of PEACE ? haha ~

* I want to buy books for Hakim n Haziq too but the price also very expensive, then I decided to to PWTC because there was a Book Fair.
So, after this,
PWTC - my next station!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Masjid Jamek - Jalan TAR

My mom said 'belila tudung yg Emak slalu pakai'
I said 'kalau Kaklong pi Jln TAR la mak ek...lgpn tudung mak suka tu orang jarang jual dah'...hehe...
So, I was the 1st person whom arrived, I went to shopping first:
What is the materials?
SHAWLSSS....of course, likey!
for everyone!

~ this is my 1st experience being here, Gombak areas~

~waiting the train, watched the construction site ~

* I was wondering when the taxi driver mentioned about Taman Melati, condominium, Villa Putra, because I just met my childhood friend in Facebook mentioned that her family was in that area too

~in the monorail, they looks like twin ~

~I was so in LOVE with this handbag, my mom of course really love it too becuase we love ribbon design, my cousin too, Kak Azima...~

* it was very expensive - RM 40 (cekik!)

~these r the tudung 4 segi which my mom loves it ~
her favourite colour is orange!

~ the pattern, jalur jalur is so wonderful with a silk awning, these 2 r for Makcik Bunga, Danish's babysitter ~

~ Madiha loves purple n Fatin loves pink, but unluckily I split it:
Fatin: purple, Diha: pink
Sorry,sistas! ~

~brooches for my teammates, English unit ~

~ all r mine: silk (shawl), inner n Kak Azima ordered me the inner (neck) too ~
*Madiha said I had a landak shawl for the polka dot one,
(adik jealous) ~

~ ALL together, I estimate it as RM150, more or less ~

* Waaa....cry me a river,
but it's really worth it

A Day before an International Conference

It was Thursday, after settled the check in,
The participants stayed at Marhallah Ruqayyah, a guest room. (UIA / IIUM)

~so impress ~

~my room, I always got number 1 ~

~my UPM used Kolej for hostel but UIA used Marhallah ~

~quit far ~

~I'm ready to go OUT, wohoo ~

* It was weekday, so I decided to go out alone, I used cab n monorail
Masjid Jamek - KLCC
Will be exposed after this
: )) 

Int. Conference, UIA

My husband n my officemate mentioned that I have to attend a course.
They saw a letter and someone told my Harie about it...
So, when I met the Assistant Director, he also said so - he signed the offer letter.
I found it and YES - I knew on Tuesday and I have to attend an:
International Conference on Thursday at UIA.


Then, Harie booked/bought a wrong ticket which is on Friday,
but I have to check in on Thursday n my Friday ticket just burned like that
and Harie bought for Thursday ticket n what a waste, it was RM366

~I will have no PROBLEM if I got this earlier ~

~ venue ~

~ proud of it ~

~ my flight was on 8.30 am, we sent Danish at Tok Bunga's at 6.30 am, pity him ~
* we followed the bus of Kelab Penyokong Bolasepak Neg. Kedah
ada lawan bola ke?

~ this TROUBLE Savvy was so ergggg because we were running out of the time ~
* had a problem with the Smart Tag n effected us

~ situation at the airport : what a BIG bag, you! ~

~ HAHA..., the automatic machine was malfunction so have to use timbang kati ~

~I chose PURPLE ~

~ I'm thinking to buy that kind of bag ~

~ xada keja, like a ghost :P ~

~ in the flight, Harie chose a sit next to the window ~ 

~ masa study UPM dulu, at sayap was my favourite place ~

~ I was so surprised with my favourite scarf was here too, waahaaa !!! ~

~ n it's expensive...hmmm ~

~ the cabin crews esp. the boy was not helpful  because my bag was so heavy! ~

~ I saw a lady read something, I thought she also had to go to the Conference but I saw she was holding Bank Negara document, so, maybe she's not ~

~Alhamdulillah, safely landed...~

~ Ayah fetch me at LCCT, thanks Mejar Shahar, hehe :P ~

* many of stories n pictures to upload during the Conference, KL, meeting and dating
Love it!