Sunday, May 29, 2011

STRG 3 batch 2011

Thanks for the 'nasi' ...
I xmerajuk pun tp saja 'gedik'...
At least u know the meaning of :
' Appreciation '

( to ALL lecturers especially)

My wish n hope:

Good luck for everything.
All of u r always in my mind + in my heart.
Take care wherever u are.

~ I got this on my table
(masa tu I xada di office sb ke hospital tgk husband makcik mengasuh anak I accident, kena jahit di kepala) ~

~ STRG girls 3B ~

~ class STRG 3A ~

 ~ STRG boys 3B ~

~ STRG 3A, boys ~

They are an Art & Design / Graphic students

Gonna miss u guys especially Zafifi n his geng with their Chicky Dance, haha...



Madam Mafe.

Takziah : Anak anak Yatim (Hulu Langat)

According to the landslide which is happened at Hulu Langat involving one of the Orphanage, the victims are the orphans and some of their staff. If I'm not mistaken 16 of them are died, some of them are having bad and minor injury...

So pity, they are orphans...

I would like to say sorry, condolences for the incident especially to their family, teachers, staff and others...

Thank you for the people who worked, in-charged, stand by during that time such as police, fire men, doctors, and everybody even rakyat Malaysia, artists, and our Prime Minister whom came back quickly from oversea to visit the victims at the hospital especially.  

~ I feel so sympathy + sad when look at this photo, this photo was taken before the landslide occurred ~

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku,
Semoga anak - anak ini berada di sisi orang yang soleh dan solehah...
Sesungguhnya mereka ini tidak berdosa...

Amin amin Ya Rabbal √Ālamin...

Sayunya melihat mereka dikebumikan di dalam satu liang lahat

Al Fatihah buat mereka...

* Location : Hulu Langat?
mcm pernah dengar.
(even been there once)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I adore you, my HUSBAND

We have to take care of Danish because of Maktok Danish, Tok Bunga (Danish's baby sitter)
has to arrange his daughter's wedding reception.

Pendek kata, Angah nk kahwin n Makcik nk dpt menantu lagi...
Jauh, dari Sarawak nun...

I don't think that I want to apply for CUTI because of this month is a Final Exam for the students and I also have to settle all my assignments n final papers.

So, we shifted our time to take care of our lil son, Danish.

:: Hari 1:: Harie as a baby sitter n cook (ni mmg bukan luar biasa,hehe)
- ayam goreng berempah (xmaenla) ke ayam goreng?
- telur goreng
- papadom 
- rendang Tok lagi kau! (instant la, alamak!)

::  ni hasil keje I yg tgn yg licin n gebu - harum manis, made from Perlis ::

:: Harie siap basuh baju tu, walaupn machine, I tekejut la jugak part ni ::

:: Day 2 - Mommy as a baby sitter, alamak, apa dah jadi???
I angkut Danish to my office
Bawa toys, Mr Bean's VCD n sila baca magazine yg ada cars, lorry ::
Danish : silent :D
( Mommy boleh marking papers, ok)

:: OMG!!!What's going on????::

:: Danish was at our mini Surau, he said 'ni umah Danish'~

- joget joget song of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
-baling baling bom (bantal)

:: at home::
(bukan Taska k)

:: at Nite: Mommy was craving of Kek Batik::
Let's masak kek!

:: ni bilik Pengantin, after akad nikah, that's our cadar, I bought at Alor Star, almost RM500, 2007::
nice, rite?

Anyway, congrats to Angah...
I adore you, Encik Suami for ur 'Services'...
Untung I, Mafe oii
KAU ade En Suami mcm I?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Congratulation Madiha!

First of all,
Lastly, u r graduated!
(Setelah penat menunggu berkurun lamanya)...

Mesti PANAS telinga dengar,
" Kak nk 2 kali konvo ah, hang konvo Poli xkonvo konvo lagi "
(my KPLI, UPSI n my Master, UUM, InsyaAllah...)

' Biasala, Poli xdak duit'
(Biasala xkan xtau kakak u mcamana,byk songeh gitu....)
So, berkat kesabaran, u got it, Madiha...

Harie can't attend because he had to attens a course at Sg. Petani,
so upset is Abah had to take care of Danish n only Emak was in the hall...
Xpelah, nnt Konvo USM, InsyaAllah Abah will be there with the same Perasmi, Raja Perlis...
Daulat Tuanku!

~ Anugerah KJ, Congrats...~ 
(maybe it is as Anugerah Dekan in University)

~ Panas + Boring, kasihan kami tau! ~

~ Danish pn nk jugak Barney tu! ~

~ uhhh xtahan...~

~ PAHAku yg TEMBAM! ~

~ Panas bak ang!!! ~ 

~ this is very NICE, a portrait family ~

* I would say, the Politeknik should concern about the guests esp for family n parents' situation...
Perlis is a state with a very hot weather/temperature, so they have to think of our situation too, it was like wasting time to wait outside there in a really HOT weather.
At least fans should be available everywhere or a room/ small hall should be provided for us...

Anyway, that is not a BIG problem, thanks for the others good contribution too...
It's not easy to handle a big event like that, Congrats to Politeknik Pauh too, well done!

~ UPSI, KPLI, TESL, Danish was 4 months old ~ 

~ a memory with my family in law, thanks for coming, really appreciate! ~


Friday, May 20, 2011

Kain Sutera India, 2011 session

Jom jom jamu mata,
Please hv a look, window $hop pn okey...

All of these r Kain Sutera India, batch 2011...
Sangat lembut, sejuk dan wangi...
My cousin did promote it,
As a fashion lover, mmg CRAZY tgk ni....
n it is ORIGINAL made from India.

Sila sila....
U can PM my Facebook if u r really interested n for SERIOUS buyers only.
* price

* cold + soft + comfort + sweet smelling = worth it

~ up above is cheap compare to below here, ~

What r the DIFFERENCES? 

because of the quality n we wrapped this with a plastic, NO BOX :p

~ I do CRAZY of this , up here ! ~

~ a box together will be given upon the confirm payment ~

~ a sample of fashion that u can do, baju kurung, baju kurung moden r recommended ~

(xrugi kain because it comes with 2 different patterns)

~ n eh, this is MINE ~

Hurry hurry n get 1 ~

~ We have MORE n MORE  n makes u crazy to choose which one to buy!!! ~

* It's REALLY worth it because of the QUALITY,


~ Happy Shopping, People !!! ~

Aquaria KLCC, 2011

This is what we call BALAS DENDAM to my husband...
Because he already went to Aquaria when he attended a course before...
Ingatkan dlm KLCC rupanya jenuh berjalan...
OK, 3 of us = RM 70 ke 75 mcmtu la...

~ peyut ku yg leborr ~

~ Danish excited nk jd Pakcik DIver lak, k ~

~ ada Berani ? ~

* Finally we went to KLCC to find a present for baby Aryan, Danish, Hakim & Haziq
before we dropped to MMU (Multimedia Uni.) to fetch Fatin back home...

Thanks to my hubby, u made my day!