Monday, February 25, 2013

Coach (25 February 2013)

Aloha everyone!
Wah sudah 2 bulan tidak ketemu...
I don't know why I can't upload photos before n hopefully I will be able to upload photos : ))

Yipppiee!!I able to upload photo but what kind is that?
Whhot whhott :))
Yes, I am selling an authentic brand, Coach but only for fews...
Where I got the outlet, no worries, it's original from Coach Factory, US
So, u want to know the story?
Do you still remember, Wahida, my Petronas' friend?
Actually, she sold this brand and others too
She went to France (working purpose), 8 months there, then, I met her n got the things (wrislet, sling bag and croosbody)

Next, I will upload the photos but only 2 stocks available;

Coach Signature Small Wrislet Khaki Mahogany F45659 *

*Coach Ashley Scarf Print Large Wrislet 48064*

To inform that only 2 wrislets above are AVAILABLE (price starts from RM200 and above)
Feel free, please do PM me via my Facebook :))

Just to share with, Alhamdulillah 2 items were SOLD !

* Coach Mia Signature Outline C Swingpack Khaki Mahogany 44310*

                                              *Coach Signature Sateen Large Wrislet 47525*

*Both items are sold to one of my bestfriend, Syieyda,
Thank you Syieyda, sayang hang!

*Coach Soho Embossed Exotic Python Flap Crossbody 45648*

* That one is mine already :))
Hehe, tauke pun nak bergaya jugak!

If you want to buy with us, no worries because, attached together the wrislet is Coach care card :))
Mana tahu if you mengidam nak used this brand kan..hehe mengidam is not only for eating food je, okey :))

Anyway, thanks for reading this entry!
Today is, accidently 25 February, wopps and birthday of my sis in law, Fatin
Happy Birthday Fatin and accidently birthday of someone special in my life, Mr M2M ?
Watashi no kare desuka?
May Allah bless him and my doa is always with him... In sha Allah