Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Melissa is turning 2!

Assalamualaikum everyone...
My family, my friends and my students,
and not to forget my enemy..
Hehe..do I have?
Just assume  'she' is  a stalker :D

So, today I have no class and I would like to  share about weekdays and weekend in Senawang but before that is about  Melissa's birthday  which is on  09032014...

Sometimes, when think about the busy of raising up the child especially Danish &  Melissa, I feel like don't want to pregnant anymore, but one of my friends said 'masa anak2 kecil ni kita susah sikit, bila dah besar,  InsyaAllah senang...'
Ya Allah, please give me a strength to  have a baby  again, hehehe :P
Is it like a suck when I ever heard about this 'kita bukanlah seorang wanita yang sempurna jika tidak/ tidak dapat melahirkan anak untuk suami'...r u agree with this statement?
What if you mandul or don't have any kids or Allah didn't give any  yet?
We wouldn't agree with the statement because we r not in that 'shoes'...

So far, they are my anak - anak... [Hakim, Haziq, Danish, Aryan, Melissa  & Ariq, the baby]

~ My own kids and nephew, Melissa is the flower and princess among her brothers :D ~

~ Melissa's birthday  cake n  I love it! ~

celebrating Melissa birthday party at her playschool  with her friends and teacher, we have  Mama + Papa Ayra (Sara), Mama  Waiz +  Amani  (Anisah) n  Mama Aiman ~

~ presents  from the family ~

~ TQ everybody ~

~ So,  budak kecik  ni dah pandai merajuk and this is her style...hehe ~

~ Next photo is about Daddy's birthday which is on April,  he just went back from  'kursus tentera' in Pulai, luckily  my family was here again ~

Next post,  Insyaallah will upload the activity when my  family was here,
We went to Port Dickson and the Museum...
What   a happy family,