Monday, May 18, 2015

Danish & his bff

This year, Danish is already 7 years old or Darjah 1
So, he got new friends and he suddenly told  me that he missed his bff when he was in Tadika, Children Islamic Centre, CIC  Senawang
He mentioned the names, the 2 siblings, Akid  & Ijad
I told their mother about it, she said 'isk kena set bawa pi berjumpala no'
Then, I saw the kid, Ijad was admitted at the Columbia Asia Hospital, Seremban on Mas's fb (their mother) and I asked her...

I said we tried  to visit Ijad as Danish Faqih missed his friends..
Alhamdulillah,  all went well, my  son felt so happy meeting his friend, Ijad..even  though Akid was not there (staying  at kampung because of the chicken pox)

Yang touching tu, their Papa siap called Akid in kampung to talk with my son...
But, my son is a shy person...Malu  -  malu nak cakap..hahaha
Mas said 'depan kita depa malu, kita xdak depa mainla'...
We bought presents esp Lego to the kids because teacher Ayu said the kids love lego  and always sembang about cute :D

~ after the swimming  lesson, we tried to visit Ijad at the  hospital ~

~ my  son loves to wear boots since he knows the siblings ~

~ the visit and I look a like so makcik - makcik with simple attire n my glasses because of eye sore+ketumbit, hahaha ~

I hope the kids will get well soon...
So pity when Akid  down with chicken  pox, Ijad n Maryam with  fever (virus)
May Allah bless the family...
May Allah showering our friendship...
Nice knowing new friends even though they're ur kids' parents aite?